Paying attention to professional customer service Centrostal Wrocław, apart from cutting metallurgical products and blast cleaning of metal parts, offers one of the Polish best developed: 

Construction Reinforcements Production in Wrocław.

Our production line operated by specialists only has been based on modern automatic reinforcement devices. They allow to produce any types of reinforcements in a wide range of diameters of ribbed and plain steel (in coils and bars).

Trying to meet modern trends in construction industry we offer our services to both small and big building objects considering individual projects and orders, and we aim to deliver produce reinforcements to the building site. According to construction drawings we prepare reinforcements including stirrups, straight and bent bars mainly of ribbed steel grade BSt 500S/ B500SP (class A III N) of diameters: from Φ 6 mm to Φ 40 mm. Fixed reinforcements are made of steel of the highest quality and possess all the requires attestations and certificates. We have experienced staff which would undertake any order in accordance with documentation that our Clients provide.

Our reinforcement machines and their capabilities:

Reinforcement machines


Bar cutting device POLYBAR 40-V

  • processing of reinforcement bars of diameters 6-40mm
  • integrated electronic measurement system

Bending machine for stirrups POLYBEND PBC2-16A

  • processing single wire of diameter 6-16 mm
  • processing double wire 2×6 – 2×12 mm
  • angle of bending  +/- 200º

Device for double bending DBS 40 with transporter and universal bending machines 2x SBC ? 60

  • bending large elements of reinforcement bars that are bent both side
  • of strength 650 N/mm²
  • scope of diameters 8- 40 mm
  • maximum length 14 m

Device for straightening and cutting PCN 3-16 bars

  • processing of reinforcement bars of diameters 6-16 mm
  • of strength 650 N/mm²
  • maximum length 14 m

On the occasion of starting new service we offer very attractive prices

If you possess a particular demand for our products and services, please, contact us to specify possible questions and define your needs and possibilities of service performance.

(Welded mesh, building reinforcement, straight ribs and coils)

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